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Budri Artworks are pictorial interpretations, made of marble, onyx and semi-precious stones, through which designers express, on a large scale, new forms of artistic language. Like paintings, Artworks are true works of art for their uniqueness, research and complexity.

The large Aquarel Artwork is a pictorial symbiosis between extremely different materials. The Roman Classic Travertine, widely used in architecture, characterized by its porosity and uneven texture, combined with the most noble material for its preciousness and transparency: the Iranian white onyx, embellished by watercolor painting. The work is entirely hand painted on Iranian White Onyx. "Incredible shades of colors take shape, depending on the natural cloud of this wonderful stone, so white and transparent. Very often, inspirations are born just by chance and the most beautiful thing in the workmanship of the work is to discover the unpredictability of this fantastic material", says Alessandra Malagoli Budri - art director of the company.

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