Architexture – Artwork



Budri Artworks are pictorial interpretations, made of marble, onyx and semi-precious stones, through which designers express, on a large scale, new forms of artistic language. Like paintings, Artworks are true works of art for their uniqueness, research and complexity.

The artwork "Architexture" dialogues with the space, creating depth in a dimension composed of volumes of architecture. Cylinders, parallelepipeds and spheres create a imaginary that highlights colors in absolutely unique gradations and veins. The airy sky in Iranian Aquarel Onyx dominates the architecture of the imaginary city. To make the work even more unique, three different textures have been crafted: diamond, plissé and grooved, which create, thanks to the bas-relief effect, plays of depth; the three textures are inspired by Italian architecture, including the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, thus contributing to the dialogue between matter and history.

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