Milan Showroom

A Marble Atelier in the heart of Milan

“Budri Milano was created to promote the work we do. Contemporary collections and more classic proposals coexist perfectly here.”


A creative training ground for designers

At 60 Foro Buonaparte, in the vibrant heart of Milan, is the Budri Milano exhibition space. More than a showroom, it's a meeting place for architects, designers and design enthusiasts. Here, creative ideas take shape and transform into contract, residential and retail projects.


A prestigious location

Located right in the city’s heart, at Foro Buonaparte 60, Budri Milano is a tangible expression of the company’s constant evolution, of its focus on a future defined by growth, research and experimentation, where beauty is at the origin of every business choice. Hence the selection of such a prestigious location, steeped in history, art and culture to immerse the visitor in an exclusive experience and convey the company’s vocation for such a pioneering vision. The space is not just a showroom, but is intended as a dynamic meeting place for architects, designers and connoisseurs of design, where creative ideas take shape: elegant solutions, chromatic and material juxtapositions suited to all types of contract, residential and retail projects.


Give voice to marble

Marble, onyx, semi-precious stones, travertines and quartzites are displayed here, as are the innumerable textures and finishes of materials. The concept for the showroom was sparked by the desire to ‘give voice to marble’, in other words: to recount a process that starts from the raw material and transforms it into different styles. Marble may seem rigid and austere, but in fact, it turns out to be an extremely expressive material. It is up to those of us who work with it to understand it and let it express itself’, stated Alessandra Malagoli Budri, the company’s Art Director.

350 M2, 3 FLOORS

The display

The 350 m2 space is spread over three floors with a specific logic to the display: the ground floor hosts the design collections, namely surfaces and furnishing accessories. In addition, an elegant lounge area looks onto the building’s art nouveau courtyard. The basement floor is dedicated to classic surfaces and the ‘marble library’, a magical world showcasing marble and onyx. The mezzanine floor meanwhile is reserved for offices and business meetings. The Flagship Store Manager, together with architects and project managers, support designers in all phases of their projects. During local events in Milan, Budri presents new collections and materials in the three shop windows on Foro Buonaparte.

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