A business guided by beauty

“Passion and the pursuit of beauty translate into efficiency, solidity and performance”

International Experience

Operational on five continents

In over 60 years in business, Budri has acquired unparalleled experience in the creation of large, complex, custom turnkey projects on five continents. The expertise of Italian craftsmanship and robust production capabilities have ensured the company's prominent positioning in the international arena.


Italian manufacturing

Each Budri creation is made in Italy, in the company's factory in Mirandola, near Modena: 8,000 m2 of production space and state-of-the-art technological systems. A symbiosis of Italian craftsmanship and sophisticated technology lets Budri express itself internationally via high-end projects.

Haute Couture


Dedicated and customised services

The production process of each project takes place entirely in the Mirandola factory (Italy). Budri supervises the selection of the stone block in the quarry, analysing it through sophisticated scanning systems. Design and production ends with final testing via dry laying. The packaging used is specifically designed for intercontinental shipping. Budri's project managers and engineers oversee the entire installation process, on five continents. The final on-site test takes place in the presence of the works management staff.

The Phases

The Budri production method


Block extraction in the quarry and selection with a Budri specialised tester


On-premise quality control through sophisticated scanning systems (nesting)


Selection of extra-quality slabs


On-premise testing by the designer/customer with dry laying of the surface


Production entirely carried out in the Budri factory


In-house consultancy in the development of the entire project, with a preview of the end result


Packaging in closed crates with anti-tip bars for intercontinental shipping


Shipping and freight assistance and documentation


Installation and finishing of the project with specialised Budri teams (project managers, engineers, technicians) on five continents


Final approval of the installation with the supervision of the works management staff

Give voice to marble

Ardent passion and creative eminence

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