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Cheon Won Palace – Seoul

Budri was a partner on the construction of the prestigious Cheonwon Palace, a 25,000 m2 public building in the town of Cheongpyeong, near Seoul, South Korea. The company was entrusted with the production of prestigious floors, facings and architectural elements. Work on Cheonwon Palace began in 2017 and involved several companies, including Budri, which created several inlaid floors, facings, staircases and columns in the central building of the palace in one year, covering a total area of approximately 4,000 m2. Characterised by an imposing 30-metre-high monumental spire at the top of an entrance tower, the most important structure of Cheonwon Palace is the central building, which is topped by five large domes, testifying to the Korean stone architecture extended over four floors underground and three floors above. Inside the sumptuous main building, three large circular floors welcome visitors: a central one with a diameter of 18 m and two lateral ones of 6 m depicting immense flower bouquets: roses, forsythias, lilies, hibiscus and chrysanthemums. Made of different types of marble, onyx and semi-precious stone, they are truly one of a kind thanks to the extremely minute details and the refined nuances of the petals, leaves and individual pistils. The artistic team studied flowers from real life to transfer their beauty into each tiny inlay. A triumph of many hands and many minds, it’s a feather in the cap of Budri for its elevated artistic value. The perimeter of the main hall, on the other hand, is framed by fourteen inlaid ‘carpets’ featuring neoclassical foliage motifs depicting chrysanthemums, anemones and roses in shades of yellow and white. The complexity of these carpets lies in the choice of the many shades of the same colour used to bring the petals to life. On both sides of the Main Hall are elegant spiral staircases in white Carrara marble, reflecting the refined classical architecture.

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