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The “Fragment” collection by Gwenael Nicolas, Curiosity Tokyo

03 October 2023

At the forthcoming Milan Design Week, Budri will present Fragment, the new collection of furniture and surfaces with a sustainable soul, designed by designer Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity Tokyo, former designer of the Marmor Natvm Collection, presented in 2019.

The collection stems from Budri’s continuous research aimed at studying design solutions for marble surfaces and furnishings, with particular attention to sustainability. A long journey begun in 2010 by the Research & Development division – with important interventions and collaborations with fashion and high jewellery companies – that today reaches its peak in the study of new technologies, processing techniques and innovative composites capable of safeguarding the value of the material. 

“The word sustainability is rich in meaning, all the more so when you are working with such a prestigious material, which has been evolving for millions of years, acquiring more value day by day. Sustainability in the absolute sense does not exist. However, a thorough process that combines research and awareness gradually leads to a more sustainable approach”

Alessandra Malagoli Budri – Art Director

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Interni – Architexture Collection, Living Table

Living table from the Architexture collection by Patricia Urquiola for Budri, which includes seven tables of different heights and sizes. The extra-clear glass top is supported by four columns with alternating rings of Guatemala Green marble and Aquarel Mint Onyx.
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Interni – Architexture Artwork

Architexture wall artwork, by Patricia Urquiola for Budri, a surreal architectural landscape composed of polychrome marbles (the sky is in Aquarel Onyx) and moved by bas-relief work with diamond, plissé and groove textures.
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Interni – Virtuous synergies for Budri

A great opportunity for growth with a prestigious partner in the realisation of high-end projects.
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